Practicum role responsibilities

Practicum role responsibilities

Responsibilities of IUSON

  1. Ensures student compliance with mandatory standards according to affiliation agreement with facility on file at IUSON.
  2. Ensures that preceptors and facilities meet qualifications as outlined by accrediting bodies.
  3. Provides the course work that establishes the foundation for practicum experiences.
  4. Ensures that clinical experiences using preceptors occur only after the student has received applicable theory and clinical experiences necessary to safely provide care to patients (within course or curriculum), as appropriate.
  5. Facilitates faculty visits to practicum sites to evaluate the student and to assist the student and preceptor, as needed, in accomplishing the competencies and learning objectives.

Responsibilities of track coordinators

  1. Assigns students to practicum faculty/supervisor, preceptor and site, unless other experiences were prearranged.  
  2. Provides the preceptor with orientation materials found in the "preceptor toolkit" including the philosophy, curriculum, course, clinical objectives, student expectations, and methods of student evaluation prior to the practicum experience.
  3. Reviews required preceptor 
  4. Identifies and evaluates practicum sites for appropriateness of learning experiences.
  5. Ensures completion of site and preceptor evaluations by the student.
  6. Orients faculty, student, and preceptor to the clinical experience.

Responsibilities of clinical faculty

  1. Meets with the preceptor and student during the semester for evaluation purposes in the clinical setting.
  2. Provides consultation and support of the preceptor when problems are reported.
  3. Acquires preceptor input regarding the student’s performance.
  4. Evaluates and documents the student’s progress by grading clinical course assignments.

Responsibilities of practicum facility/supervisor

  1. Retains ultimate responsibility for the care of clients.
  2. Retains responsibility for preceptor's salary, benefits, and liability.

Responsibilities of preceptor

  1. Participates in a preceptor orientation whether online or through documentation as provided from IUSON.
  2. Understands all responsibilities and expectations of the preceptor role.
  3. Orients the student to the practicum site, policies, and procedures.
  4. Arranges practicum experience days and times to fit the preceptor’s schedule.
  5. Keeps communication open with student.
  6. Facilitates an informal, collaborative, and respectful learning environment.
  7. Is a positive and effective role model.
  8. Provides learning experiences with appropriate patients as clinically feasible.
  9. Provides ongoing feedback and evaluation data.
    • Signs student’s time log daily to verify hours at site, as applicable.
    • Reviews the student’s personal clinical and course objectives that will guide the course of study and serve as one measurement of the competency achievement and clinical growth.
    • Completes evaluation forms according to the timeframe in the syllabus.
  10. Paces learning experiences to meet the student’s needs.
  11. Notifies faculty and/or track coordinator of concerns about the student’s behavior, work or progression.
  12. Discusses any arrangements for coverage with the student should the preceptor be absent.
  13. Co-signs all student clinical documentation and orders, unless otherwise restricted.

Responsibilities of student

  1. Completes all prerequisite courses prior to starting practicum.
  2. Provides the preceptor with required evaluation tools and other required assignments.
  3. Assures the preceptor CV and certification documents are submitted to IUSON prior to the start of the semester.
  4. Establishes a schedule for practicum time with the preceptor, making adjustments in their personal and work-related schedules to meet all requirements.
  5. Arrives at clinical site on time and well-prepared.
  6. Follows all policies and procedures established at the practicum site.
  7. Respects the confidential nature of all information obtained at the practicum site.
  8. Functions under the Nurse Practice Act statutes and for expanded nursing roles.
  9. Discusses progress, problems, and learning needs with the preceptor and faculty.
  10. Completes evaluations of site and preceptor at the end of each semester.
  11. Maintains 100% attendance for all practicum hours. If absent or tardy, the student must notify preceptor and faculty/supervisor prior to the assigned reporting time.
  12. Maintains an accurate record of all clinical hours.
  13. Notifies the preceptor in the event of a biohazard exposure and follows university and facility policies.
  14. Provides clinical faculty with schedule of clinical rotation days/times by the first week of a clinical experience and updates faculty with any changes.