Clinical Evaluation and Document Repository

Medatrax, adopted in spring 2020 by IUSON, is a secure, permanent, web-based clinical evaluation and document repository.  All audiences—students, School, track coordinators, clinical faculty, and preceptors—will use Medatrax.

Track Coordinators

Track coordinators will use Medatrax to:

  • Verify current site affiliation agreements,
  • Validate preceptor qualification documents,
  • Email "Welcome Letters" to preceptors, and
  • Email verification letters to preceptors as documentation of preceptorship time spent with students in the clinical setting.

Clinical Faculty

Clinical faculty will use Medatrax to evaluate student time logs, patient encounters, clinical notes, student self-evaluations, clinical rotation days, and evaluations of clinical experiences. The specific Medatrax functions used are determined by each clinical track program.


The first time a preceptor precepts a student using Medatrax, the preceptor will receive an email from Medatrax at the beginning of the semester. The email will contain a Medatrax username, password, and instructions. Although the system is intuitive and easy to use, IUSON and faculty will provide any support preceptors need in working with or troubleshooting the system.

Preceptors will use Medatrax to:

  • Provide current curriculum vitae (CV) and national certification(s) documentation,
  • Provide assessment of student(s) in clinical—both formative (midterm) and summative (final) Student Clinical Assessment Report (SCAR), and
  • Verify student(s)' time in the clinical setting.


Students will use Medatrax to:

  • Submit preceptor(s)' CVs, national certification(s), and professional license(s),
  • Submit time logs,
  • Submit de-identified patient encounters,
  • Submit clinical notes,
  • Submit self-evaluations,
  • Submit evaluations of clinical experiences,
  • Submit clinical rotation dates, and
  • Review faculty feedback.