Are you interested in learning how to become an IU School of Nursing master's program preceptor?

Preceptors play a vital role in preparing our profession's next generation of advanced practice nurses, nurse leaders, and nurse educators. Community-based preceptors are vital to the quality education of our students. Both faculty and students highly value your willingness to give back to the profession. The Indiana University School of Nursing appreciates all providers who contribute to the education of our students.

If you are already a preceptor or interested in becoming an IU School of Nursing master's program preceptor, choose a track name below to access specific information and resources. If you have a generic question about precepting with the Indiana University School of Nursing, please reach out to one of our MSN Track Coordinators.  

Recertification and verification of preceptor hours

The Indiana University School of Nursing (IUSON) will provide verification of preceptorship hours for your certification renewal. At the end of the semester, you will receive a formal thank-you letter containing the student's name, clinical site, and number of precepted hours. Our electronic clinical tracking system facilitates completion of verification forms for certification renewal for Nurse Practitioner (NP) and Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) preceptors.

Voluntary adjunct faculty appointment

Appointment as an Indiana University School of Nursing voluntary adjunct faculty member formally recognizes a preceptor who consistently contributes to the education of our master's program students. We highly value the contributions of our preceptors and encourage each of you to explore nomination as a voluntary adjunct faculty member in the IUSON Science of Nursing Care department. Voluntary adjunct faculty status confers a variety of privileges including access to the IU Indianapolis university library, participation in faculty programs and events, and use of the IU Crimson Card ID.

For more information, contact the specific track coordinator.

Thank you for inviting me to share what I love most about having the privilege and occasion to serve as a CNS preceptor

"In reflection, it really goes back to some of the great preceptors I had while pursuing my advanced practice education. It is these learning experiences that I witnessed as a student such as collaborating with other interdisciplinary team members, managing complex patients, driving best practice and evidence-based care that I hope I can pass on to future organization change agents. For me, I am grateful to share the knowledge and lessons learned along the way. I am happy to serve as a resource, help reduce stress, and guide students as they go through their semester. I enjoy meeting a lot of great new people and helping them grow as they begin to make their unique contributions in advancing the practice of nursing." Carmen Davis, MSN, RN, CCRN, CNS-BC