Nursing Education

Nursing Education (NURSED) graduates are eligible for certification through the National League for Nursing as a Certified Nurse Educator. Graduates find employment in community colleges, universities, hospitals, community health agencies, private industry, and privately supported educational institutions. The coordinator, who has her PhD in nursing education, oversees this MSN specialty track.

The NURSED track consists of 150 practicum hours under the supervision of a nurse educator preceptor. Through various educational partnerships, IUSON offers consistent placement for MSN in Nursing Education students. Preceptors include educators in various undergraduate and graduate courses as well as hospital and community educators. The online and didactic courses use simulation, interprofessional education, and other innovative teaching strategies. The education courses are taught in a distance-accessible format by experienced nurse educator faculty thereby ensuring quality, oversight, and relationships with students and preceptors. If you would like to learn more about preceptor opportunities available at IUSON, please contact the track coordinator.

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